The body mass index (bmi) is a measure to calculate if a person has overweight, normal weight or under weight:

The body size is divided by the square of the body weight.

For example: if a persons body size is 1.78 m and his weight is 77 kg then the equation is:

1.78 m

(78 kg)

brainstem: The brainstem is called the region of the human brain which is regulating most of the vegetative, physiological and automatic functions of our body. Evolutionary seen the brainstem developed from our earlier ancestors, primitive vertebrates. Basically the oldest brain stem regions (for example those regulating our sexual behaviours) are equivalent to those in reptiles or even fish.



The biliary tract is part of the digestion system. It consists of the gallbladder and the gall ducts. It is connected to the liver where the gall liquid (med.: biles) is produced. The gallbladder is just a reservoir for the biles. Biles is part of the fatty acid digestion system. It splits up long fatty acid pieces to ease the attack of the fat enzymes (Lipases).



The study of nature’s form and design in order to get inspiration for the development of new technology. Often also referred to as applied biomechanics, but all branches of biology can ideally be used with a biomimetic approach to develop new technological products. Synonyms include bioinspiration, bionics, biomimicry. [biomimetic]