The iPhone has many apps, also for scientists.
The iPhone's app store boasts literally thousands of apps in every category. That dense maze of options would be difficult to navigate for even the most organized mind, so here are a few picks that should be useful across a broad range of scientific needs.


1.The  Elements for iPhone

This gorgeous, intricately detailed app offers a wealth of information on that most basic of scientific concepts: the periodic table of elements. As shown, each entry contains not only a clear photo of the element in question but also all of that element's relevant information, from its atomic weight to its half-life to interesting factoids about the element's usage in every day life. The app's interactivity is what makes it really useful for the modern scientist: touching the Wolfram|Alpha logo brings up current news and reports about the selected element, including its present market price. It's the priciest app on the list, but also one of the most important--and elegant.


2. Genetic Decoder (Free)

A clean and simple app that serves a powerful purpose for biology-minded students and researchers. The genetic decoder compiles and organizes a significant amount of data that would otherwise require paging through a large textbook to find. It allows users to view concise information about RNA codons and amino acids via an attractive and intuitive interface. Tap the screen for the codon you want and instantly receive an illustrated, informative breakdown of related amino acid data.


3. Solutions for iPhone ($0.99)

Need information about a particular chemical, such as its volume, weight, or molarity? This app has you covered. Its database offers users the tools to make quick calculations, including a recall functionality that keeps track of all the items the user has searched for in the past. A necessary app for any scientist who needs to create chemical preparations efficiently.


4. PopSci.com for iPhone</a> (Free)

If you're looking for a rich aggregation of science news, look no further than this app from Popular Science. It collects the most compelling and and most recent headlines in the field of science, covering everything from aliens to algae, and it presents its information in an easily digestible, mobile format. Stories you like can be saved for later reading--even when a connection isn't available--and a user can even filter stories according to his or her tastes.


5. Epocrates for iPhone</a> (Free)

If you're a pharmacist, a pharmacy student, or even just a consumer who wants to be in the know, then this app is utterly essential. Considered the top app for many healthcare professionals, Epocrates boasts a richly developed set of integrated features, including details on pills and how different medicines interact with each other. The basic app--which is still quite powerful--comes to consumers at no cost, but the premium option offers a wealth of treatment and test data for the well-informed pharmacist.


Louise Baker is a freelance writer. She currently writes about online degrees for Zen College Life. Her most recent article ranked the top online colleges in North America.