The micrograph shows abundant (malignant) plasma cells with the occasional Mott cell, a plasma cell with an intracytoplasmic Russell bodies (an eosinophilic uniformly staining membrane bound body which contains immunoglobulin). Wikimedia Commons, Author: Nephron
Plasmacytoma is a certain kind of bone marrow cancer which leads to an uncontrolled growth of plasma cells. The plasma cells conduct a part of our immune system and belong to the white blood cells. They are produced in the bone marrow and are released into our bloodstream. Within families concerned the plasmacytoma occurs more often than in average families. Now a research group from the University Hospital of Saarland, Germany, published in "The Lancet Oncology" new results showing that the occurrence of plasmacytoma can be hereditary.

Hand desinfection
Aylin Hammann, PhD-student at the Institute of Sanitation Science in Greifswald, Germany, shows how to desinfect the hands properly. photograph: Janke/UKG
Medical doctors of the German Institute of Sanitation medicine in Greifswald recommend to provide disinfection opportunities at all public places to reduce the spread of Swine Flu which is caused by H1N1, a mutation of an influenca virus. "Disinfection of hands is able to stop the transmission ways and next to vaccination the most effective way to avoid infections", says Prof. Dr. med. Axel Kramer, chair of the German society for sanitation medicine. Experts expect a new infection wave of Swine Flu during the winter season. Predictions about size and number of this coming pandemie are difficult to make.

The heart beats fast, the head is swimming and the the cold sweat of fear stands in the face: a panic attack occurs and you cannot control it. Around 3% of a population suffers from panic disorders making it often difficult to live a normal life for the patients concerned. Now a study of german medical doctors revealed that in 90% of the cases a certain behaviour therapy can cure the panic disorders which are characterized by regular panic attacs.

Fat Schorsch - advertisement for a german pub (1904)
German diabetes doctors meet in Berlin from 20-23 may 2009. Topics include talks about decreasing span of life due to overweight. Adiposity (abnormal overweight) has increased dramatically during the last 20 years. With a body mass index of 30 ore more a person is considered obese.

Worlds leading shock researchers meet at the University of Witten/Herdecke from 28. June  - 2. Juli 2008. The meeting with some 800-1000 scientists from all over the world is conducted by the International Federation of Shock Societies (IFSS). At the same time the American Shock Society will meet there, for the first time holding the annual meeting outside the USA. Traumatic shocks caused by severe accidents are often underestimated and can lead to death.