More than 20% of women report an inability to get frequently vaginal orgasms when having sex with their partner. Also men often believe that women are less able to have a sexually fullfilled lifes. Often it is indeed the case that in partnerships women suffer from female coital orgasmic infrequencies. The reasons can be quite diverse.

Now scientists from England and USA investigated in an epidemiological study with more than 2500 female individuals from UK the possible reasons and contexts of such orgasmic disorders in female patients. Low self confidence and other psychological restrictions in women and there ability to get vaginal orgasms allegedly are combined.

Introversion, emotional instability and low experience (or not being open to new things) were significantly associated with orgasmic infrequency, as the scientists from the Kings College in London revealed. These findings should be taken into consideration when trying to help these women.

But besides these obvious medical findings: Often these psychological restrictions are not part of a womans personalty but fare more a mirror of a wrong going relationsship and maybe also caused by mens personalities. So before going to the doctor woman and man should have a claryfying chat together.

Harris et al. (2008): Normal Variations in Personality are Associated with Coital Orgasmic Infrequency in Heterosexual Women: A Population-Based Study. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Volume 5 Issue 5 Page 1177-1183, May 2008.